Producing Value

This week’s prompt was about what we’re prepared to do to produce value in organizations. I’ve been thinking a lot about my participation in my local Rotary club. I’m truly committed to the work that Rotary does and am proud to be a member. Our club is small with only about 20 members, half of whom helped found the club & the rest of us have joined in the last few years. I had previously been a member of Rotary Club of Fortuna Sunrise (in Fortuna, CA) where I had a really positive experience. When I moved to Antioch I sought out the local sunrise club and immediately joined. The experience has been less positive than my prior experience in Fortuna, but I’ve been active in district activities which has helped me keep me focused on Rotary at large rather than on the tensions within our club. For some time I’ve been willing to ignore some of the tensions, but lately some of the tension has led to our newest members contemplating leaving the club after just a few meetings. To produce value in my club, I’m attempting to stay fcoused on the things that I can influence. I’ve invited the women in our club to an activity in May to celebrate 25 years of Women in Rotary. I’m going to participate in our social this week — something I don’t always do but because it’s time to focus on community building, I want to join the event. This Saturday we also have a community service project at a local school. I feel positive about joining these activities rather than focusing on the underlying negative comments that sometimes surface. My participation in the district activities helps me see that not all of Rotary is like my club can be. The challenge for me right now is whether to stay in the club and continue to try to be an influence — or — do I switch to a club that might be a better fit?


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