Pre-tenure Portfolio

I’m almost finished with my pre-tenure portfolio. Like many others, I’ve been surprised about the amount of time it takes to put together the portfolio. I liken the process to a program review, it’s just that I’m the “program.” And like a program review, the details matter — and there are usually more details than we had considered.

My portfolio is electronic — a departure from the printed portfolios of the past. We’re hoping to break new ground with the e-portfolio: our “green” portfolio uses (much) less paper and will be easier for committee members to access (without requiring extra trips to campus). And now that the site is up, it will be easier to maintain. At the beginning of each semester I can easily post my syllabi, at the end of the semester I’ll post student evaluations, and when a new publication comes out, that can also be added.

On Wednesday I reviewed the portfolio with the committee chair who offered positive feedback and suggestions for improvement. I’ll further develop my self-evaluation and add some contact information for former students. I learned there were some pieces of information I need to support my service to the profession — I hadn’t really thought about that before. So … I’ll work on getting that information and will know from now on to keep (or get) acknowledgements of my service.

I appreciate the 3rd year review because it will help answer the persistent questions: Do I have enough? Am I on track? The committee will provide feedback and suggestions to help us ensure success in three years.